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Dahi vada recipe
Dahi Vada Recipe, How to make dahi vada | Dahi Bhalla Recipe
Prep Time
20 mins
Cook Time
30 mins
Total Time
50 mins
Dahi vada recipe is a delicious snacks recipe, they are also known as dahi bhalla, which is made from black gram lentils (urad daal) and yogurt.
Course: Snacks, Starter
Cuisine: North Indian
Servings: 25 medium sized vada
Author: Rachna's Kitchen
  • For Vada lentil fritters
  • Urad dal black gram lentils without skin - 1 cup
  • Roasted cumin powder - 1 tsp
  • A pinch of asafoetida
  • Water for grinding the batter as required
  • Salt as required
  • For Assembling
  • Yogurt - 2 cups I have used Greek yogurt
  • Chaat masala - 1 tsp
  • Red chili powder -½ tsp
  • Roasted cumin powder - 1 tsp
  • Black salt - ¼
  • Regular salt -¼ as required
  • For garnishing
  • Sev - 2 tbsp
  • Coriander leaves - 1 tbsp
  1. Soak urad daal for 5-6 hours or overnight. Drain the daal (lentils) in a colander and let it stand for about 15 min.
  2. Now add the lentils in a wet grinder or mixer grinder and grind it to fine batter using very less water (about 2- tbsp). Now add spices cumin powder, red chili powder, asfoeatida.
  3. Mix it will. Now the stir the batter with hands vigorously in circular motion.
  4. This stirring makes the batter more light and fluffy. You may check that batter for vada is ready to fry, by dropping one drop of batter into a cup of water.
  5. If the mixture droplet floats on the surface of water, it is a sign that batter is ready to make.
  6. In the last add salt and fluff the batter again.
  7. Meanwhile place the wok over the medium heat. Once oil get hot enough start preparing vadas now.
  8. Apply water on the fingers of both hands and take a lemon size of batter. Make a round shape with the help of fingers. Gently slide the balls into the oil.
  9. Flip them when vadas become pale golden from the base and sides. Fry the vadas till they become golden and crisp.
  10. Take out the vada to a plate and drain on paper towels. Now dip them into fresh water. Soak the vada for about 10 minutes.
  11. Gently squeeze each vada by pressing in between the palm and arrange them a plate.
  12. Now whisk the yoghurt in a bowl. Add red chili powder, roasted cumin powder, chaat masala, black salt and regular salt. Dip the vada in yoghurt.
  13. Sprinkle roasted cumin powder and chaat masala.
  14. In last garnish dahi vada with chopped coriander leaves and sev.
Recipe Notes

Soaking the vada in fresh water is necessary to get perfect dahi vada. If you want them to be more good in taste you may add half cup of milk to half cup of fresh water. Add half tsp of sugar and then soak vada. They would taste better.

I have used greek yogurt as it taste best than any other curd. However, if you don't get it, you may use normal ones or better is homemade. But you have to whisk it first and chill it in refrigerator.
Consistency of batter is also an important factor in getting perfect dahi vada. If batter is wet, you will not able to shape them. If battter is too thick vada would not puff up while frying them. So keep an eye over the consistency of batter.